British puncher is ready to unleash the demon: “Forget about the rest, I’m No. 1”


British prospect puncher Richard Riakpore (15-0, 11 KOs) is determined to blow the boxing world apart in 2023. He says, “I want to dominate – with great form, performances, grabbing opportunities with both hands.” He spoke about this
Sky Sports.

“I’m hungry. Even more than before. I just want to experience what it means to be on top and have everything. I won’t rest until I reach the top of my career. You will see a demon. I don’t play anymore. Now everything is very serious. Big things are just around the corner, so there is something to fight for. You will see everything in my body language, in my movements, in my eyes – the eyes do not lie! – you will see it all there. Just expect great achievements from Riakpore, ”the Briton caught up with horror and pathos.

In 2019, Riakpore defeated Chris Billam-Smith, the author of a recent brutal knockout, by a split decision in a 10-round bout. At some point, he believes, he will have to go for revenge.

Riakpore brutally demolished Turci in the IBF eliminator: video

But, in general, Richard expects to box at the beginning of the year and fight for a world title in 2023.

“People in Britain would love to see this derby, especially if it’s for a world title. And who knows how it will end this time?” he said.

“There is a lot of interest in the light heavyweight division. Probably more even than heavyweight fighters, even light heavyweight champions … Everyone here wants to know who will be the future of the division, Riakpore explained. “The people have seen enough of the champions and want something new, the next generation.”

In addition to Billam-Smith, the prospect is ready to fight WBO heavyweight champion Lawrence Okoli: “This is a big fight. Well, everyone just needs to focus on Riakpore. He is #1! Forget about everyone else.”

A month ago, the ex-victim of Usyk gave the go-ahead for a fight with a knockout prospect.