British prospectus about Beterbiev: “Demon in the ring and an angel outside”


British light heavyweight prospect Dan Aziz (16-0, 11 KOs) is ready to jump into the title race. In order to test his skills at the top level, he went to a training camp with the division leader, unified world champion Russian Artur Beterbiev (17-0, 17 KOs) – on June 18 in New York (USA), he will fight with the local title holder WBO Joe Smith Jr. (28-3, 22 KOs).

Promoter Aziz Ben Shalom (boxer)
claimsthat now “the prospect knows everything about Beterbiev”, and also believes that the “champion team is shocked by the level of the British.”

And Aziz himself, with a smile on his face, says that “heard millions of stories about how Beterbiev cripples sparring partners in the camp. Everyone keeps saying that he has some kind of demonic and brutal power. Just some inhuman ferocity. But I see it differently. I think that if you have already set a goal to become the best of the best, then you need to work with the best of the best. So I insisted on going to him, sparring with him, watching him train, learning from him.”

“To be honest, at first I was nervous,” says Aziz. “I really didn’t understand what I was about to face. But I’m very happy with the experience. Beterbiev? What is he? This is a demon in the ring and an angel outside of it. But in the ring it’s 100% ferocity. Glad to have learned a lot from him. And now I know for sure that in boxing there are not just levels between boxers. There are still those who are above the top levels. Arthur is simply amazing. Very powerful, but also good at boxing and with the highest boxing IQ. I can’t wait for his fight with Smith. I want to see if he manages to use all the developments in battle.

And we even have a forecast and bets for this fight ready. The coach of the Russian claims that Beterbiev is simply on a different level.

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