Briedis’ offender got drunk and rowdy: insulted cops, urinated in the station


IBF cruiserweight champion and Australian representative at the 2012 Olympics Jay Opetaya (22-0, 17 KOs) was at the epicenter of the scandal – he went over solidly, cursed with the police and even urinated in the police station. The fighter was lucky – he escaped with a slight fright.

The incident took place on August 14 in Sydney (Australia). Very tipsy, Opetaya, together with his sidekick, tried to enter the home club from the back entrance, but the guards refused them, advising them to “enter like everyone else.”

The champion tried to force his way through 5 guards. The attempt failed, he was asked to leave, but Opetaya decided to poke around a little more. The guards grabbed the fighter, called the cops and waited for their arrival.

The brawler did not like the appearance of the police, he began to behave even more aggressively, yelling. His behavior was recorded on camera, including yelling at the cops, “You fucking morons, I was sitting here arrested for nothing. Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck off me!”

They decided not to risk it, handcuffed the big man and took him to the police station. Opetaya tried to resist, called one of the cops a “four-eyed piece of shit”, once again sent everyone three letters, demanded that he “fuck off.” In the cell, the boxer did not calm down: he pounded on the doors with his fists and even urinated on the bench.

The court hearing took place yesterday. The champion’s lawyer made a bet that Opetai had no previous convictions and he fully admitted his guilt. Allegedly, everything happened for the reason that the boxer tried alcohol for the first time in his life. And now the incident could ruin his sports career.

The judge scolded the boxer, called his behavior “terrible”, scolded him for his “shameful attitude towards the police” and advised him to quit alcohol forever. Opetai was lucky – he received 24 months of parole.

In July, Opetaya sensationally beat the division leader of the age Mairis Briedis from Latvia and took away the IBF belt. After the fight, the winner’s coach said that his ward broke his jaw in the 2nd round. And the loser confessed that now he wants a revenge with Opetaya.

It was rumored that there would be a “home brawl” in the opening defense, but then the champion announced that he wanted the champions Makaba and Okoli.