Brendan Schaub responds to ‘dummy’ Dana White: ‘You’re a low budget Vince McMahon’


Brendan Schaub issued a fiery response to Dana White’s rant about a UFC 279 conspiracy theory he and UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich floated about the promotion’s role in the last-second headliner shakeup.

White initially attacked Miletich following Tuesday’s Contender Series Event, claiming that Miletich would be “the dumbest motherf on planet”, if he believed the promotion orchestrated Khamzat Chimaev/Nate Diaz’s rebooking in the wake of Chimaev’s massive weight loss.

Schaub posted White’s response on Monday on his Instagram, along with a photo of MMA Fighting’s story about it. The UFC exec took a dig at Schaub, after naming Miletich the origin of the theory. (Miletich actually did endorse a similar theory in a recent Instagram posting).

The former UFC heavyweight turned podcaster/comedian immediately got personal, referencing an earlier Twitter spat with White, and doubled down on his skepticism about the promotion’s official line on the UFC 279 shakeup.

” “Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that you are a bully,” Schaub said. Always have been. It’s easy to put on designer jeans with “hip sneakers”, and you think that you are cool. Your frat brother vocabulary still applies to you, but it’s not enough.

He also checked White’s claim that UFC 279 was “sold out going into that day of the weigh-ins,” writing he was referring to pay-per-view sales, which are not immediately tallied and aren’t released to the public.

Schaub also accused the UFC exec of lying about extra compensation paid to UFC 279’s headliners. White said none of the fighters received a pay bump for the last-second opponent change, while Diaz said he “lost count” of how much more money he received to fight Tony Ferguson in the headliner. Multiple people with knowledge of the situation told MMA Fighting that at least two fighters received extra compensation for their new fights.

” Sorry, but we don’t believe what you tell us. After lying many times, the sheep media that attends events doesn’t have enough balls to confront you,” Schaub said. You were just caught lying at the press conference about additional compensation for fighters.

“You need a reality check. You’re surrounded by ‘Yes men.’ You’re not special, you’re not original. Your life is a Vince McMahon on a budget. Every move you make is a copy cat of that dude. The only thing that you share is your use of steroids, and the fact that you both dress as *******..

Below is Schaub’s full Instagram post.

Oh god… here we go again. I’ve been nothing but cool and thought you’d learn from the last time you mentioned my name and got destroyed. It’s not surprising that you are a bully. Always have been. Put on some designer jeans and “hip sneakers”, and you think that’s cool. You’re still a dork with a frat bro vocabulary. Calling me and numerous people “dummy” “dumbass” “f*cking idiot” cause we have questions about “the chaos” at UFC279? Also, no one is talking about *gate tickets,* I was referring to *pay per view buys* and how UFC 279 was *trending*… which you don’t release to the public, but will say “it went F*ckin great bros!” Sorry, we just don’t buy what you’re telling us after lying numerous times but the sheep media you pick to attend events don’t have the balls to call you out. Just in the recent press conference you were caught lying about extra compensation to the fighters. You need a reality check. Your world is full of “Yes men”. You are not unique. You’re a low budget Vince McMahon. You’re a low-budget Vince McMahon. Every move that you make is copied by him. The only thing that you share is your addiction to steroids and desire to be a sexy slob. Need I remind you, your origin story is a failed cardio kick boxing instructor who had two rich friends in high school to fund this business. Now go make a “cool” video with the Nelk boys to stay relevant or have your PR team come up with a good press story to distract the fans away from fighter pay and how they have to wear those awful under armor Rock shoes and won’t see a dime. “Dummy”

PS. Quit stealing my shows on thicccboy network and recreating it on Fight pass, k?

Also… leave Pat Miletich alone.