Brendan Loughnane reacts to Conor McGregor tweet, feels no need to have last word with Dana White


One way Brendan Loughnane knows he’s got the MMA world’s attention is by the fighters who say his name.

Once known as an almost-was in the UFC, Loughnane is now fielding tweets from none other than Conor McGregor – and getting called out by octagon vets.

“Oh yeah, they’re all on it now,” Loughnane said Monday on The MMA Hour. “A little bit of a name right now. Let’s go. I’m here for it.”

Loughnane picked up the biggest win of his career this past Friday, beating Bubba Jenkins in the featherweight finals of the Season 4 PFL tournament. Tears flowed in the cage as a gold belt was wrapped around his waist and he hoisted a $1 million check.

When he stepped onto the MMA Hour set, Loughnane was just coming off a long celebration with what he said was 300 to 400 of his compatriots from the U.K. and Ireland. Somewhere during a 48-hour bender with his mates, someone pointed out McGregor’s unqualified endorsement of his skills – a call for the UFC to sign him.

Loughnane is familiar with McGregor so the coincidence wasn’t completely random. It was still very much appreciated, especially considering where he came from and what he sacrificed to make it to that point.

“I thought it was really nice,” Loughnane said. “Out of nowhere. Beautiful. We are grateful. … I was still drunk in the pub when someone said, “Hey Conor just tweeted me.” It was quite random. When Conor speaks, though, everyone listens.

“But, yeah, I’m still PFL .”

Apparently, some fighters haven’t fully gotten that memo, or perhaps they think Loughnane is more eager than he is to get another shot in the UFC after its president Dana White famously snubbed him.

Featherweight UFC vet Charles Rosa greeted Loughnane’s win with a mixture of shade, dismissal, and a request to fight.

“I was having an argument with him back-and-forth,” Loughnane described his encounter with Boston Strong. “It was today that I woke up and it was like: ‘Brendan no name Loughnane. You need to fight with me to become the true champ .’

“I was like, mate, you’re terrible. You mean, what are you talking? Who are you? Why would he just come out of nowhere [and say] you have to prove yourself against me? You don’t have to prove yourself to me .”


The same applies to White. Responding to critics who said he unjustly passed on Loughnane, whose last-second takedown attempt on the Contender Series cost him a UFC contract, the UFC president was unapologetic. Loughnane isn’t interested in changing his mind.

In just over a week Loughnane will visit the T-Mobile Arena in order to confront his friend, and UFC middleweight Darren Till. He could meet the man that sent him on a different career. It is not unreasonable to believe this. He doesn’t want to be the one who decides.

“I was on [Michael] Bisping’s podcast last week, and said to me, ‘I remember when you said something about Dana after what had happened,’ and actually, I didn’t,” Loughnane said. “I’ve never, ever publicly once said anything bad. I was like, ‘I didn’t say anything.’ He was like, ‘I’m sure I’ve seen something somewhere.’

” I don’t know why, but I do not believe it. The result was that I did this and the only thing [White said about me] said to me, “Well, if you’re wrong, please show me.” I mean…

And then, Loughnane pointed to his belt. That’s enough.

Besides, UFC veterans have been flocking to the UFC due to the huge payouts. One defector, Shane Burgos, wasn’t able to make his PFL debut in a superfight against Marlon Moraes. Loughnane isn’t forgetting about the featherweight vet.

“Who wouldn’t like to watch Shane Burgos and Brendan Loughnane fight? Who doesn’t want to see that fight?” he asked.