Breaking Bad. Kell Brook addicted to cocaine – sad video


Former world champion British welterweight Kell Brook threw a party at his house. One of the boxer’s “friends” leaked a video on the social network in which Brooke takes cocaine.

In the boxing environment, they reacted to what they saw.

Former world champion Tony Harrison: Brooke is a perfect example of the importance of carefully choosing the company that surrounds you. Not all of them are right for you. I, too, have learned this lesson.

Coach Stephen Edwards: Why do you need enemies if you are surrounded by such “friends” as Brook’s? What a bastard the one who posted this on social networks.

Columnist Mike Montero: To be honest, I don’t give a f*ck who spends their free time and how, if we’re talking about Brooke or any other adult man or woman. You can call me a bore, but I think that taking drugs is stupid. I never used, but this infection claimed the lives of many of my friends, acquaintances and even relatives.


It appears that Kell Brook is indeed a “sniffer” #boxing

— AccordingToBoxing (@AccordToBoxing) January 29, 2023

The party was first written about
The Sun
. It is already known that Brook’s manager Terry Thompson insists that his client did not use cocaine. According to him, it was the usual drunken prank and a ridiculous draw: “Everything got a little out of control. They were drinking, having fun, joking. No, it’s not cocaine.”

Brook was last seen in the ring in February last year, destroying compatriot antagonist Amir Khan. Kell is ready to resume his career, but only for the sake of really cool and money fights.

This is not the first scandal involving the ex-champion. In 2017, he drank alcohol, swore, smoked on the plane.