Boxer arrested in US for threatening to shoot gym goers


Haitian veteran journeyman arrested while buying AK-47 at Opa Loca pawnshop in Florida (USA)
Azea Augustama (20-3, 12 KOs). The reason – threatened with mass execution in his boxing gym in Miami. Writes about it

Police say Augustama was finishing a workout at the BOXR gym when he got into an argument with a coach who wanted Azea to make room so he could start training.

The report states that the dispute reached the point where the owner of the hall withdrew Augustama’s membership and returned the money to him.

A few days later, the boxer posted on Instagram a photo of a mass murderer at a Parkland school with the caption that he, Augustama, “considered shooting” a lot of people because he was kicked out, and “claimed I touched a girl.” It was also written there that he was “ready to shoot with a real pistol or bazooka.” He also allegedly sent a photo to one of the people in one of the halls, adding: “He’s the first one when I get my weapon.”

The ex-boxer was taken with >$1 billion worth of cocaine. He says he happened to pass by

The police learned of the threats and arrested Augustama on 15 November.

Augustama competed for Haiti as a light heavyweight at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As a pro, his biggest fight was in 2014 on the Golovkin-Rubio undercard, where he lost a unanimous decision to Edwin Rodriguez.

Florida is one of five states in the US that requires a waiting period to purchase weapons like the AK-47. State law requires a minimum of three days for anyone purchasing a handgun or long gun, and the waiting period does not apply to residents with a Florida concealed carry license. This law is the reason why Augustama was only able to post bail for the AK-47 and not leave with it immediately.

Now he has been placed in a pre-trial detention center with the possibility of bail in the amount of $ 3 million. He faces two counts of indictment – written threats of mass murder and “just” a threat to kill.

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