Boom and goodnight. Wilder’s pre-fight interview with Helenius


Former WBC heavyweight title holder (over 90.7 kg) American Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) after an open workout
talked with local media representatives.

Wilder will face Finn Robert Helenius (31-3, 19 KOs) this weekend. In a conversation with reporters, the American heavyweight spoke about his preparation for the fight and spoke about his opponent’s diet.

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– It’s been a long time. There are many things we are trying to improve. You will all see me on Saturday and it will not be something new that I have learned. It will just be something we add to the workouts. Something that we’re back to is the basics of boxing, the ability to move, be agile and put all of those things together. I feel great and we are ready. When we enter the ring, we are never 100% ready. Not a single fighter. Unless he trained hard and sparred. We always lose interest, but I feel good and that’s all that matters. Energy will be in the arena tonight. I can’t wait for the audience, looking forward to performing in front of the thousands of people who will be there and the millions of viewers.

Robert Helenius eats only meat without vegetables. What do you think about it as a professional athlete?

– If it works for his body, then with God. The body needs vegetables and minerals. From what I understand, he only eats squirrels. A real meat eater. If it works for him, let him work. Every fighter is different. Therefore, I wish him many blessings, but only until the night of the duel. Then there will be a boom – and good night.

You have now entered the second phase of your career. How do you make your workouts more interesting and entertaining while keeping you motivated at the same time?

We have introduced different exercises. I changed the camp site. I was in Las Vegas, and I only came to Alabama for sparring. I think changing the location of the training camp along with the activity and things that we do inside the ring and the positive energy outside the ring is what I deal with in training.

The previous day, Wilder had stated that Helenius had the heart of a warrior, no underestimation.

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