Bobby Green tells where Islam Makhachev is hiding from doping tests

Bobby Green’s fascinating theory that Islam Makhachev has been using steroids since childhood has been detailed and has taken on new colors.

According to the American, Russian fighters practicing Islam visit the mosque not only to pray, but also to use doping with impunity and to hide from representatives of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

“I’m on Islam’s side in the fight against Oliveira, but it begs the question – why do they keep sending them to Abu Dhabi?” said Green on another edition of the JAXXON podcast. “It’s worth looking behind the scenes because the Russians are cheating. No disrespect to the Russians, but I see some funny shit. For example, Khabib and Islam go to a mosque where USADA can’t get them. They train in places USADA just can’t get to. They do whatever they want for months and get away with it.”

In December last year, Green said that doping was on the rise in Russia and that Makhachev had been on steroids since he was ten years old. The American fighter made this statement after he lost to the Russian by technical knockout in the first round, and then served a six-month disqualification for the use of banned substances.

Recall that this weekend Bobby Green will headline UFC Fight Night 229 in Las Vegas, and the American’s opponent will be his compatriot Grant Dawson.