Bob Arum on Tyson Fury’s retirement: He has two more fights in America under his contract


WBC champion British heavyweight Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) held a mandatory defense, knocked out compatriot Dillian Whyte (28-3, 19 KOs), after which he announced his retirement.

Later, the British big man made it clear that this decision was final. But his co-promoter Bob Arum (Top Rank) did not believe until the last that Fury was not bluffing.

NYFights asked not only Arum, but also the coach of the champion Sugar Hill to comment on the news.

Hill: “I have already told him my opinion. He has achieved everything in boxing. He doesn’t need to call dudes in the ring who don’t want to fight him. He doesn’t have to run after them. I told Tyson that I was proud of him. And I will be even more proud if he decides to give it all up and just enjoy life. I want him to be happy and healthy.”

Arum: “If a fighter has a contract with a promoter, but he decides to end his career, then he has the right to do so. Yes, we have a contract for two more fights in America. How realistic is it that he will end his career? He’s Tyson Fury. He decides what to do. Anything is possible with him. But no matter what, he will always be my good friend. The contract was for five fights in the USA. But there is a clause in it that in case of winning the champion title, it will automatically be extended for one more fight. So there are two more fights left in America.”

“Vice President Top Rank Carl Moretti has already phoned Tyson. He said that he would soon come with his family to Vegas for 7-10 days. They have already agreed to meet, have lunch, talk. This is Tyson Fury. He will decide everything. I’m not going to pressure him. I’ll just wait for his final decision,” Arum explained.

Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Fury will return to the ring for another fight – against the winner of the rematch between compatriot Anthony Joshua and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, as that fight will have the other three division titles at stake. Yesterday, Tyson Fury even made a statement about the fight with the Ukrainian.

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