Blogger Kovalenko defeated Emelianenko by dropping the heavyweight twice

Blogger Kovalenko defeated Emelianenko by dropping the heavyweight twice

The famous Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko suffered another defeat, losing to blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko in an unprofessional duel according to MMA rules.

In the first round, Kovalenko managed to inflict several cuts on his opponent, and at the beginning of the second and third rounds, he knocked down Emelianenko and controlled him on the ground, preventing him from getting up until the minute limit expired. At the end of the fight, the blogger himself ended up on the canvas, literally running into the oncoming blow of the heavyweight, but remained conscious and competently defended himself until the final siren.

Following the results of three rounds of the match, the judges by a separate decision gave the victory to Svyatoslav Kovalenko, who received the REN TV Fight Club championship belt, and Alexander Emelianenko immediately left the cage, expressing dissatisfaction with the judges’ verdict.

Given the result of the fight, it can be assumed that promoters who want to capitalize on the name of Alexander Emelianenko will now have to show remarkable ingenuity in order to find an opponent for the popular heavyweight, a fight with which would arouse interest among fans and have at least some intrigue.