BKFC making serious push to pursue Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez in free agency


Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez are two of the biggest names in free agency across all of combat sports and BKFC is making a concerted effort to potentially sign both of them.

The bare-knuckle promotion is known for pursuing high-profile agents and BKFC President Dave Feldman thinks that his organisation could eventually offer someone like Diaz the opportunity and money he desires after leaving UFC. While Diaz has been frequently linked to a possible boxing match against Jake Paul, Feldman feels that BKFC could give him an even better option with a higher back end financially.

” The money’s on him,” Feldman stated about Diaz in an interview with MMA Fighting. It’s a matter of whether he wants to fight naked knuckle. It’s that simple. He can earn more with us than anywhere else. Even if he has to fight Jake Paul. You know how much he has been paying these guys. It’s not a bad thing. The pay-per-views have been doing decent and he can get some upside but I think if he fought a guy like Mike Perry with bare knuckles, I think that’s probably his most popular option out there that he’s going to get the most eyeballs on that.

“He could get more on Jake Paul but I think people are getting tired of — not Jake Paul but Jake Paul fighting someone he’s supposed to beat. Not that he was supposed to beat Anderson Silva. I’ll tell you he looked very good in that fight and ended up dropping Anderson Silva, which really, really impressed me, but we’re talking about Nate now. Nate would be a great acquisition. This is someone I would love to get. I believe he can cross over to this and bring a lot more MMA fans into the organization. I think that would be a great acquisition .”

According to Feldman, they’re expected to speak with Diaz’s management over the next few day to discuss options. They’ll also make a formal proposal to BKFC to invite him.

Diaz can now sign with promotions after UFC has ended their matching period with the former title challenger. This officially ends their relationship which dated back as 2007..

” We’re sure to have a meeting next week, and we’ll try to get that locked down,” Feldman stated. It’s my goal and I won’t allow anything to stop me from achieving them. .”

In addition to Diaz, Feldman revealed that BKFC has already engaged in talks with Alvarez, who is also currently available to sign after his previously deal with ONE Championship was terminated.

Alvarez has long been considered one of the top lightweights in the sport after previously holding titles in both the UFC and Bellator.

” We’re talking about [Eddie Alvarez],” Feldman. Feldman said that he has other options. It’s a hard choice for him. He’s a guy who’s a legend in MMA and going over to bare knuckle, like a lot of these guys, he’s not really at the end of his career — I’m not going to say he’s in the prime of his career but he’s not at the end where he has no other options.

“He has options with all the other MMA organizations in the world but it is something that we’re talking about and we hope to have an answer early next week. We did our job to try to get him over to BKFC and if that works, that’s great. He’s a good guy. It’s great to have him on the roster. We’ll find out .”

within the week.

Feldman stated that BKFC would continue to pursue well-known and skilled fighters in order to expand the promotions roster.

“It’s amazing where it is,” Feldman said. “I’m talking to these free agents and here’s my pitch — if you go to these other MMA organizations, I’m not taking anything away from them, I actually have a good relationship with all of these guys now. If you attend one of the major MMA organisations coming from UFC, it’s just another MMA organisation.

“Not saying it’s not exciting but it’s not like wow they’re trying something different. He’s going to be fighting in the organization. And who is he going fight in those organizations? There aren’t many big names. If he decides to fight naked knuckle instead, everyone will be shocked and go “wow, he’s fighting naked knuckle?” We can’t wait for that to happen! This is the reaction these men get when they face bare knuckle. It’s different. People are now taking this seriously. We are staying with .”

, people know that.

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2022/12/12/23505761/bkfc-making-serious-push-to-pursue-nate-diaz-and-eddie-alvarez-in-free-agency?rand=96749