Bivol will beat Beterbiev, no doubt – ex-champion and analyst


If Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) and Artur Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KOs) meet in a duel for the title of the absolute champion of the light heavyweight division (up to 79.4 kg), and they now own all four prestigious titles together, then Dmitry will be a clear favorite. So obvious that Arthur has little to hope for.

This opinion is shared by the ex-champion in two categories, analyst and commentator Timothy Bradley.

“Bivol will win against Beterbiev, there is no doubt about that,” Bradley is sure. – I mean, have you seen how many shots Beterbiev misses? He skips whole packets. And Bivol can do this throughout the fight. And when they cross in the ring, or if they cross, don’t be surprised if you see Bivol going for Beterbiev. Because if Yard could do it, then Bivol can do it even more so. And he will push him. As well as fighting him on the back leg, there is no doubt about it. So, I tell you, this year Bivol will become the absolute champion. This is my big prediction for 2023 – Bivol will dethrone this man and take all the titles.”

“The strongest puncher in the world of boxing.” Coach Beterbiev – about Yard, Bivol and his fighter

Does Beterbiev really have no chance at all? There is one, Timothy admitted.

“Did you see Beterbiev’s face (after the Yarde fight)? That’s what I’m talking about – he misses punches. Lots of hits. Now imagine Bivol, how accurate he is in his attacks, how he picks up the distance, how he defends himself and how quickly he works on his feet. With a fighter like Bivol, you have a lot of problems to solve. I think that Beterbiev has a puncher’s chance, there’s no getting around it. But it will be difficult. He’s going to have to take a lot of punches before he gets his knockout. But still, all my bets are on Bivol.”

Note that Bradley’s “big prediction” has little chance of coming true, as Bivol is due to defend his title against Joshua Buatsi in early summer, and if he wins in September, he will most likely fight Canelo Alvarez for the second time, moreover, in a lighter division. .

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