Billy Quarantillo has a good laugh at being forced to explain to his parents Why I am on OnlyFans. He also clarifies some misconceptions


Billy Quarantillo is officially in business with OnlyFans, and he knows that means he has some explaining to do.

No. The budding featherweight competitor isn’t turning his fame as a model into an income. Instead, Quarantillo will upload free content to the popular subscription service, which he plans to provide in the form of vlogs, podcasts, and other behind-the-scenes look at the fighter life.

Quarantillo recently appeared on The MMA Hour with a professional-looking audio/video setup, a sign of things to come.

“I actually got a deal done with OnlyFans, I don’t know if you subscribed yet,” Quarantillo said. “They’re sending some money out to a lot of athletes and fighters, and we’re working on a little show setup. It’s not done yet, so this is a sneak peek of it, but I’m getting a lot of stuff put in, a little studio set up and I should be starting to do more content with them early next year.”

OnlyFans has become a well-known business in the MMA community, with fighters like Bec Rawlings, Paige VanZant and Felice Herrig praising OnlyFans for providing an outlet for them to boost their bank accounts by sharing exclusive content with subscribers. The site is not just for women, Kevin Holland used it to publish his fight news.

Quarantillo didn’t specify exactly what his OnlyFans content would be comprised of, but he said fans shouldn’t expect anything risque.

“Basically, they gave me a sponsorship deal,” he said. “So they gave me some money to put my content out on OnlyFans. It’s completely free, so you can subscribe for free. I did it for all my vlogs for UFC 282, and I just put it exclusively on there.

“So I started off with that, and we’ll do some other stuff, we’ll do some picks, we’ll do some other things, leading up to my next fight and doing whatever. But yeah, it’s completely free to anyone who wants to subscribe, and I’ll be using that just as a new social media platform.

When the subject of lewd content was joked about, Quarantillo replied with a giggle that his family and friends have made assumptions about what kind of work he is doing.

“It’s funny you mention that, [OnlyFans] offered me a number and I was like, ‘Listen, I need to explain’ – especially to all my friends, they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re doing OnlyFans, you’re showing your junk, you’re showing this,'” Quarantillo said. “Listen, you guys have to pay me more, because this conversation has been had a thousand times. Explain to my parents why OnlyFans is for them .”