Billy Quarantillo envisages a fight in Buffalo against Edson Barboza during April


Billy Quarantillo wants to stay busy in 2023, and he knows just how to get the upcoming campaign started.

The born-and-bred Buffalonian got back in the win column at UFC 282 in Las Vegas, picking up a thrilling second-round TKO of Alexander Hernandez and heading into the new year on a high note. Quarantillo already has a follow-up in mind, one that would place the hometown spotlight on him against a well-recognized opponent.

“My ideal situation would be — picture this, and I don’t know if the UFC is going there — Buffalo Sabres arena, KeyBank, April, Edson Barboza,” Quarantillo said on The MMA Hour. Who says “no” to this? Banger alert.”

Quarantillo, who originally hails from Lewiston, N.Y., a short drive from Buffalo, improved to 5-2 in the UFC with his most recent victory. He’s yet to face a ranked opponent, but has developed a following with his fan-friendly style and an active social media presence.

He’s optimistic that the UFC will make a trip to the “Queen City” soon, something the promotion hasn’t done since UFC 210 in April 2017.

” I’m just throwing it out there in the universe,” Quarantillo stated. They haven’t been back to Buffalo for a while. They haven’t been to Tampa in a while, so those are still on my bucket list of things I need to do in my career. Those are ideally what I would like. Edson Barboza was not even on my mind. The reporter asked me what I thought about Edson Barboza .

” I wanted to call him out following the fight with [Shane] Burgos, but then I forgot all about him. I was actually watching your show and that little rodent Nate Landwehr was calling me out and he said, ‘Billy Q is coming off two losses in a row.’ I never lost two fights in a row in my whole career, and I was ready to jump in there and I was ready to make a video and go full heel calling him out. He would make an interesting fight. However, his name is not nearly as well-known as Edson Barboza who, I believe, remains ranked. I believe he’s 14 or 15. He is the legend of the sport. I grew up seeing him perform the spinning heel kick. This would be my first .”


Quarantillo said that he would welcome a fight both with Landwehr and with Nathaniel Wood, a recent bantamweight transfer. Quarantillo has been approached by fans to suggest that he fight Wood in London. This idea is not something he likes, especially when compared with the possibility of Barboza coming to Buffalo.

Currently Quarantillo is based in Tampa, Fla. and, while Quarantillo takes pride in his New York and Florida connections and wants to fight in Tampa as well, he believes that his home town of the Bills needs his winning touch.

” I would choose Buffalo just because that’s where my family grew up. “We’ve never won a championship, it’s super cold, it’s super miserable. Every fight you hear me shout out, “Shout-out Buffalo”, and then I say, “Shout-out Lewiston”. This is because I love that region and want to give as much love and attention as possible.

“I feel like Tampa — I love living here, I don’t want to move back to Buffalo, I want to live in Tampa still — but they win championships almost every year. They’re spoiled with championships and this is my adopted city, but Buffalo and Lewiston that will always be my hometown. There are still my parents. When I travel there I experience a strange feeling. I love returning home and seeing my family. Me bringing a championship would mean the world for me and that city.”