Beterbiev? I’ll tell you how to box with him – cool ex-champion


Former two-time super middleweight champion American David Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs) is ready to move to light heavyweight, he agrees to take on the division leader, Russian Artur Beterbiev (18-0. 18 KOs) playing for Canada. But there is one problem.

“This is definitely the fight that I would like to have,”
He speaks ex-champion. – But it’s hard to do. It’s almost impossible to go to someone else’s promoter and get a title shot right away. It doesn’t work that way here.”

Benavidez is sure that he has a different task for now: “We need to maximize our fan base. A fight with Canelo Alvarez would help a lot with that.”

According to the fighter, absolutely all of Beterbiev’s previous opponents did the wrong thing: “How would I box with him? Jab, jab, body punch, defense. You know, these heavyweight guys work a little differently. They invest a little more in their punches. And that’s why you see them. And you have the opportunity to use this moment before they bring their fist to the target. And this time is enough to dodge the blow.

“I’m not like all the opponents he’s had before,” Benavidez says. – I’m completely different. Take, for example, his last fight with Joe Smith. To me, Joe just started to panic after missing the overhand. He was trying to convey something weighty to the target. There was no jab, no body shots. That’s why I say that they all fought him absolutely wrong. But I have a different style. I open the opponent with a jab, I punch a lot in the body. I’m sure it would have worked against Beterbiev.”

Benavidez knows that in a fight with a puncher, something weighty is sure to fly: “You need to be mentally prepared for this. You have to be prepared for the fact that you have to go ahead.”

And Benavidez in the fight Bivol – Ramirez decided to bet on the underdog. It is known that David will hold the next fight in January. The opponent is again “not a fountain”.