Best in division! Edwards snatched victory from Alvarado – video


Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK. In the main bout of the evening, local IBF flyweight champion (up to 50.8 kg) Sunny Edwards (19-0, 4 KOs) snatched victory from the Nicaraguan puncher and former world champion in the division below Felix Alvarado (38-3, 33 KOs).

The fight began as expected. Alvarado pressed very aggressively, tried to throw punches in series. Edwards cycled, clinched, tied his opponent’s hands. And when he started up, he deftly failed and countered very clearly. Incredibly technical and intelligent fighter.

Sunny landing early and often!#ProbellumSheffield

— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

The challenger attacked even more aggressively in the 2nd round and even delivered several blows to the target (hit the body). The ending of the three-minute Alvarado failed – he missed the left hook and uppercut.

Now this is dangerous! The Nicaraguan squeezed the favorite at the ropes and worked very hard on the body. This one knows what to do and when. A very dangerous opponent. If you can slow down Edwards, there will be chances. The champion is very good on his feet, confuses with frequent changes of stances and makes unrealistically fast decisions.

In the 5th round, it seemed that Alvarado no longer had the former agility, but in the next three minutes he worked solidly and, perhaps, wrote it down to his asset. The puncher’s pressure is bearing fruit – Edwards is tired and at times even forced to defend himself against the ropes with his body. We have an intrigue!

In the 8th round there was a funny episode. The referee bred the fighters from the clinch and accidentally tripped the champion – he fell. The initiative finally passed to Alvarado. Very close to apset! A chic 10th three-minute from the contender – he squeezed Edwards in the corner and spud with blows. Tom had to take mahach in infighting.

Blimey! The champion caught a second wind in the 11th round and again began to outplay the challenger on his feet. It is possible that this three-minute period will not be enough for Alvarado to win. The last round, too, perhaps, will go to the champion – the Nicaraguan was not enough for the entire distance. Great fight!

That classic Showtime style!@SunnyEdwards closes out the final round with his hands in the air! #ProbellumSheffield

— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

Judges score: 115-113, 116-112 and 115-113.

Edwards UD 12.