Benoit St. Denis cited the reason for his defeat in the fight against Dustin Puryear

UFC lightweight division number twelve Benoit St. Denis, who suffered an early defeat against Dustin Puryear this past weekend, confirmed information that he had to be treated for a staph infection prior to the fight.

“Hello France – unfortunately this evening I was not able to fully prove myself,” the Frenchman wrote on social media. “My body couldn’t take it after a week of taking antibiotics to fight the infection. My body didn’t react in the fight as it usually does and I only had one round for you guys.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I will come back stronger than I was before. Thank you Dustin for accepting the fight. It was unthinkable for me to turn down the opportunity for a fight like this. Thank you all for your support, thank you to my team and my family”

Speculation that the Frenchman was ill began after photos were released from a pre-fight photo shoot at UFC 299, in which fans saw a wound on St. Denis’ forehead clearly indicative of staphylococcus aureus.

The fight between Dustin Puryear and Benoit Saint-Denis, which was the second most important event of the numbered event, ended in the second round with a knockout victory for the American, with both lightweights receiving an additional $50,000 in bonuses as “Fight of the Night” participants.