Benil Dariush: “Volkanovski confirmed my conclusions about Makhachev”

Benil Dariush:

The fourth number of the UFC lightweight division, Benil Dariush, shared his opinion on the title fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, in which the Russian successfully defended the UFC lightweight championship belt, winning by unanimous decision.

“In fights like this, you start to see holes in their game that shouldn’t be there,” Dariusz told MMAJunkie. “You only see these holes because this is a superhuman level clash of great fighters. That’s the only way to see these things.”

“I think it was a great fight from all points of view. Previously, I only had a recording of the fight with Tsarukyan, which I based on, but Volkanovski confirmed my conclusions about what Makhachev’s game lacks, and what exactly I can use.

“As for Volkanovski, he lifted his chin higher than I expected. He lifted him high, completing most of his combinations, so in his game I also saw something new that I had not seen in other fights.

Dariush also commented on the next update of the UFC rating, which left Volkanovski on the first line of the pound-for-pound list.

“I think they are both great fighters, and this is the case when I found a scythe on a stone. They are really very good, and someone calls them the first and second number in the world. I don’t say that just because I consider myself the best in the world, and they are just one of the best, fighting each other. ”