Benil Dariush: I prefer to fight Oliveira earlier

Benil Dariush: I prefer to fight Oliveira earlier

UFC lightweight number four, Benil Dariush, is delighted to have Charles Oliveira as his next opponent, but would have preferred to split the octagon with the former divisional champion a couple of months earlier.

“I will fight Charles Oliveira, one of the best in our business,” Dariush is quoted by MMA Junkie. “Sounds pretty good to me and I’m not complaining, but who is more worthy than me to fight for the title? No one has even come close to doing what I did.”

“I was hoping to fight Charles in February-March so that I could fight Makhachev in July. It was the perfect lineup for me. But then Charles pulled back, and there was talk of April, then May. Now they are trying to schedule a fight for May and it ruined my plans. I like the idea of ​​fighting Charles Oliveira, but I’d rather do it sooner.”

According to available information, the duel between Benil Dariush and Charles Oliveira, which has not yet been officially announced, may take place on May 6 at UFC 288.