Benil Dariush criticized Charles Oliveira

Benil Dariush criticized Charles Oliveira

Lightweight contender Benil Dariush believes Charles Oliveira’s injury that caused the bout to be postponed was due to the Brazilian fighter’s lack of focus and motivation.

“All this time I watched him and saw how he either gets a huge tattoo on his back, or flies to Australia for the fight between Makhachev and Volkanovski – it didn’t look like he was focused and motivated,” Sportskeeda quotes the American. “And then he jumped into training camp without being focused and motivated and tried to make up for lost time. In such situations, injury is most likely. That’s what happened to him, I think. Motivation is of great importance for a fighter. If you are not motivated, it is very difficult to get to the fight.”

Dariush previously announced that his fight with Oliveira, excluded from the UFC 288 card, will take place on June 10 at UFC 289 in Vancouver.

Representatives of the UFC have not yet made any statements on this matter.