Benavidez and Plant almost got into a fight before the start of the press conference: video


Former American super middleweight champions David Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs) and Caleb Plant (22-1, 13 KOs) almost got into a fight before the press conference even started.

The event itself was held yesterday in Los Angeles (USA) and turned out to be extremely tense. Benavidez could hardly contain his emotions. He clearly wanted to quickly give free rein to his fists, because it would be a long time to wait – their face-to-face fight would take place on March 25 in Las Vegas (USA).

David Benavidez and Caleb Plant’s team exchanging words ahead of their press conference today…

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— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) February 2, 2023

commented Incident: “This is some kind of kringe! Everyone tried to understand what he wanted to say. It turned out that he wanted to say a lot of things. This is good. But we’re not going to compete in chatter, right? The battle will put everything in its place. I see that it is personal for him. For me? No, definitely not. After all, I have already boxed at this level, I have already been on the big stage, and more than once – I took the title from Jose Uzcategui and determined the absolute with Canelo Alvarez. And I’m ready to take the big stage again. Nothing new for me.”

“I don’t really turn on all these screams, screams and inspirational speeches. I like to show what I’m worth in the ring,” Pant says. – How did the brawl start? His photographer pushed mine. Well, you know. There are a lot of cool peppers around, everyone is trying to say something like that. They were waiting for us in the lobby. And then it started. But there is one problem. It’s easy to play hardball when you know you can get away with it – there are a lot of reporters and huge security guys around who will intervene as soon as something goes wrong. In general, it’s a breeze to act like a tough guy when there are about 15 security people around.

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