Bellew explained everything about the negotiations between Fury and Joshua on his fingers


British heavyweights Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) and Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) kept fans around the world in suspense for two weeks – they agreed on a face-to-face fight. Alas, the parties did not succeed.

Compatriot of the big guys and ex-champion in the division below Tony Bellew is available
explained What Happened: What really happened? As for me, everything is very simple. Fury didn’t even think about fighting Joshua. They just made a powerful information throw, created massive hype and hysteria with the story about the sent contract. But they knew very well that they would still fight with someone like Manuel Charr or Derek Chisora.

“Pay attention to one simple point. Both Joshua and Fury will fight in December. I don’t know who will be Anthony’s opponent. But I have no doubt that it will not be an opponent of the level of Tom Schwartz. He doesn’t fight all sorts of “Charrs”. And to understand this, just take a look at their resumes. See, I’m not against Fury. This is an amazing fighter with unrealistic achievements in boxing. But, damn it, can you stop being so naive? How can you trust his words? How can you even trust a dude who announces his retirement every five minutes? How can you take seriously a dude who is ready to fight Joshua today for free, and tomorrow demands 500 million? Bellew asks.

According to him, “Fury really offered the fight to Chisora. I talked to Derek. He sent a contract to Charra as well. And Joshua sent. That is, he offered a fight on December 3 to three boxers at the same time. Obviously, these are all just games. This is some blatant unprofessionalism. Never seen this before. I think Anthony and Tyson still want to fight. But such negotiations need more time. And they both know it. What happened was not an attempt to make a fight. They just created hysteria to distract the fans from the reality of a mismatch with Chisora ​​or Charr.”

Yesterday, John Fury threw a hard punch at Eddie Hearn, but he parried with dignity, and then named the date and place of Joshua’s next fight – this year.