Bellew almost got into a fight on the set of “Creed” – they called the cops, and Ward was having fun


In 2015, on the set of the film “Creed”, the ex-world champion Tony Bellew almost got into a fight – he grappled with the actor Malik Basil.

It is interesting that the actor spoke about the antics of the British earlier Michael Bakary Jordanwho played the lead role. He says that he received a real blow from the ex-champion, after which “stars ran before his eyes”.

Basille recently
told about the conflict with Bellew. Previously, this episode was preferred not to be remembered. According to him, at that moment he did not understand what enraged the boxer: “Maybe the thing is that we spent a lot of time on the set. Somewhere around 14 hours. The director was behind the scenes. He said to Tony, “Now show me a body shot like this so I can believe it.” Bellew didn’t see the director and thought I was telling him. He comes up to me all pissed off and says, “Never fucking tell me how to hit the body properly. I fucking know how to hit the body.”

The actor answered the Briton and he became furious – a fight broke out, people began to panic, called the cops. Nothing of the kind happened, no one hit anyone. But it seemed to everyone that Bellew would now kill Malik.

The actor says: “Then we were specially kept away from each other. I was immediately taken to the trailer, guards were assigned. And then Andre Ward laughed at me (also starred in the film). He told me: “And what is it like to survive after a fight with a boxer?”. Now it all sounds funny, but then it was not funny.

Now Bellew works as a boxing expert. For example, he did a great job explaining everything about the negotiations between Fury and Joshua on his fingers. But even the ex-champion does not understand why Tyson is even allowed to fight Charr or Chisora.