Belal Muhammad vs. Vicente Luque 2 full fight video highlights


Watch Belal Muhammad vs. Vicente Luque 2 full fight video highlights from UFC Vegas 51’s main event on Saturday night, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC welterweight contenders Vicente Luque (21-8-1) and Belal Muhammad (21-3, 1 NC) collided in a rematch at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. Luque previously defeated Muhammad via knockout in 79 seconds in 2016. The rematch aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Check out the highlights video below.

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Round 1: Luque is the one taking the center early and pressuring Muhammad. He’s cutting the cage pretty well but he’s eating some body kicks from Muhammad. To start, both men switched stances quite a bit.

He’s really riding his bike and landing some great kicks. He’s trying to draw Luque in and he finally does. Muhammad immediately changes levels and drives on a double-leg, planting Luque on the mat. Luque has full guard and we’re now playing this game.

Muhammad keeping a strong base here, not too interested in passing, just chipping away. Luque gets to a hip and creates space to scramble but Muhammad stays with and now he’s on the back. Luque tries to grab Muhammad, but he eventually does so, becoming Muhammad.

They return to space in a short time. Luque goes on his hunt again, but Muhammad keeps circling madly and the round is over.

MMA Fighting scores the Round 10-9 Muhammad.

Round 2: Luque on the march again to start the second. He is cutting well in the cage and landing solid kicks to his calf. Muhammad is starting to show signs from those. He lands a crisp counter 1-2 though but Luque eats it and continues the pressure.

Muhammad is committed to this movement. He’s not trying to be a fixed target, and when he is cornered he has some good counters. Still eating low kicks from Luque though, who is really timing them for when Muhammad is moving into them.

Luque starting to find a rhythm now, getting hooks involved to counter some of this side-to-side movement, along with the kicks. Muhammad striking in bursts here, combinations when he decides to try and back Luque off. Luque has dialed in to them all and many are now missing.

Muhammad takes advantage of this chance to get a double shot and does it well. Muhammad in full guard with 90 seconds to work, and he goes right to chipping in with short shots. Luque grabs an underhook from a hip, and uses it to get to the fence. Muhammad continues to be with Luque and has his back again, while Luque is determined to get him off. Muhammad returns to the mat, but Luque stumbles over and quickly gets up on his feet.

Muhammad lands a solid body kick and the round ends. Closer round this time but still probably Muhammad’s?

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Muhammad, 20-18 Muhammad overall.

Round 3: Luque not putting up a ton of resistance to the wrestling of Muhammad through two rounds and that’s very surprising. The third round begins in exactly the same way, except that Muhammad is once more moving around outside the cage looking for openings.

Luque lands a short left hook inside that hurts Muhammad! Luque manages to break out of his retreat. Luque is now strong and has found a home for his hooks. Muhammad grabs another hold, but Luque takes it. Muhammad scores a huge elbow on the clinch, but Luque manages to win.

Muhammad drives in on another takedown but this time Luque defends as Muhammad drives him across the cage to the fence. Muhammad is still trying to finish the job, but he can’t. Luque now separates them and Muhammad’s momentum has begun to grow.

Luque going to the body and lands another big shot to Muhammad who is really looking unsettled. Muhammad continues his takedown, and it’s a beautiful time! He finishes cleanly and in the center of the and it’s Muhammad in full guard again with less than 2 minutes.

Luque gets back to the hip again and power his way up. Now they are on their feet, and Muhammad looks very tired. He’s not tired, but his punches seem to be coming back very slow.

They are now starting to trade inside, with Luque standing in his way. Muhammad is responding, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to keep up with the exchanges. Luque still looks pretty fresh right now. He goes for a jumping knee right before the bell, and that’s his first round in the bank.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Luque, 29-28 Muhammad overall.

Round 4: Muhammad’s corner not offering a ton of technical advice here, mostly inspiring their fighter to keep fighting. Although he appears to be more exhausted, we will see how the championship rounds unfold.

Luque marches again to begin the fourth, and he hits a head kick that Muhammad can barely block. Luque returns to the calf kicks. Muhammad looking a bit fresher now though. Certainly more pop on his punches than last round.

Luque is starting to twirl more, which opens up opportunities for larger shots. Also, Muhammad’s movement has slowed noticeably. But his wrestling hasn’t. Muhammad is able to drive in with one leg and completes the round quickly. Muhammad is now in full guard and ready to take the chip shots. 3 minutes left in the round.

Luque getting to a hip and trying to scramble but Muhammad is playing smash now. This position is his goal to keep for as long time as possible. Smart. And Muhammad is able to pass to side control. Luque gives up his back on a roll though and after a scramble, Luque is back up. 2 minutes left.

Luque on the hunt again and lands a left, but Muhammad fires back. Luque looking labored now though. As he corners Muhammad, but does not take on the offenses, this fight seems to be slipping away. Muhammad is working against him. 1 minute left.

Luque paralyzed right now and that’s gonna doom him in this fight. Muhammad is really improving his work ethic. He is getting his spots, but not throwing his back. Jabs, right hands and move. Nothing huge, but it all counts.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Muhammad, 39-37 Muhammad overall.

Round 5: Luque’s corner telling him it’s 2-2. This is an excellent interpretation of the fight. Luque probably needs a finish. Muhammad seems to have experienced a second wind, and this is the trouble.

Luque starts again on the hunt but Muhammad lands a big right to kick things off. Muhammad goes for a tricky little trip takedown but Luque stuffs that one. Muhammad lands an elbow on the break though.

Luque again cutting the cage but there is simply no offense from him now. Muhammad has him fully on the defensive. Muhammad fires another shot, but Luque manages to ignore it. Luque is becoming so frustrated by Muhammad’s movements. He is looking for perfect shots, and they aren’t available to him.

Muhammad shoots again and this time Luque grabs the neck and now Muhammad has to bail and turtle to defend. He quickly gets up and shoots once more, pushing Luque over the wire and across the cage. Luque attempts to balance but fails, and Muhammad shuffles back. They’re sitting along the fence with Muhammad holding the rear-waist lock and 90 seconds left. Muhammad has nothing to lose.

Now Muhammad wraps his arm around Luque’s neck. He doesn’t have position on it but something to think about. Muhammad refuses to give up on Luque, but he stands firm. Finally Luque breaks free but he has 50 seconds to get a finish or he has lost this fight. Muhammad won’t let this happen. He’s on his bike. Luque tracked him down, but he didn’t do any offense. Muhammad scores a combination of his own. Belal Muhammad gives a magnificent performance.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Muhammad, 49-46 Muhammad overall.

Belal Muhammad defeats Vicente Luque by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-47).