Belal Muhammad called cowardly act of Colby Covington

Belal Muhammad called cowardly act of Colby Covington

UFC welterweight number four, Belal Muhammad, claims that Colby Covington, who is an alternate in the title fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, refused to fight him at UFC 286 in London.

“It’s funny that Dana White keeps calling this guy number two in the world,” Muhammad was quoted as saying by MMA Junkie. “He only beats guys who come back from defeat and he had the opportunity to fight me in this tournament. I tried to get a fight with him on this card and we discussed it with the UFC. It was in January and we said yes, but Colby refused, agreeing only to insure the title fight.

“Senseless weigh-in without a fight because this dude is afraid. He’s a laughing stock and it should be about removing him from the rankings – he doesn’t want to fight and he doesn’t try to get a fight. I’m glad the whole world is starting to understand this. We could both weigh in and he would still be a substitute for the title fight. We would have fought and received checks for a real fight, but he turned out to be a coward.”

Earlier, UFC President Dana White evaded a direct answer to the question of whether Colby Covington, ranked second in the welterweight division, will fight the title fight winner, who will head the organization’s British numbered event.