Atlas tried to show off irony, but screwed up a little


Former coach Teddy Atlas is known for his eloquence and flamboyant, slightly outrageous comparisons. But sometimes the expert forgets about the most important thing – it is advisable to first review the fight, which he comments so confidently.

Atlas was once again eloquent, but said something stupid when he commented on the fight for the WBA featherweight title between British Lee Wood (26-3, 16 KOs) and Mexican Mauricio Lara (26-2-1, 19 KOs) – the contender for the weekend went to visit the champion and knocked him out in the 7th round, losing on points during the fight.

Atlas for some reason
raised Refereeing topic: “The fight took place in Nottingham. This is the same place where Robin Hood comes from. Remember? The same uncle who robbed the rich and distributed the loot to the poor. But times are changing, and “politics” has also changed. Now they rob anyone who is in their territory. And they planned to rob Lara. It’s good that his fists did the job instead of the judges. Just take a look at these cards. It’s a disgrace!”

“All. From now on, Nottingham is no longer the place where they rob the rich and give the loot to the poor. Now they are just robbing anyone who tries to take the title from a local fighter. There is only one option – to deprive the judges of a chance with their fists. That is exactly what Mr. Lara did,” said Atlas.

The Mexican celebrated the victory in style – he spat at his former opponent. He is shocked: “Fucking bastard!” Meanwhile, Wood confirmed that he would take advantage of the revenge clause prescribed in the contract.