Askar MOZHAROV: “I didn’t concentrate much on the fight, my thoughts were flying about the country”


Ukrainian fighter commented on his debut in the UFC

Ukrainian fighter Askar Mozharov On June 5, he made his debut in the UFC. In the first fight, he lost to Alonso Menifield. Mozharov commented on the fight.

“Everything is fine. Poorly recovered, weighed 93 kg. Almost not strong enough. I was very emotional, sometimes there is a lot of anger in me, because of this I lose a lot of strength. I’m trying to be cold-blooded, but it’s hard, in general, this whole path has been difficult. I concentrated little on the fight, thoughts flew about relatives and about the country. Before the fight, many tried to break me psychologically and I fell for a lot. But, despite this, I went out to prove only to myself that I can. I like to fight, it’s my hobby! I am not an ideal athlete, but I always go forward, even if it’s scary, ”Mozharov wrote.