Artem Reznikov challenged Alexander Shlemenko

A conflict is brewing between Russian middleweight Alexander Shlemenko and Kazakhstani lightweight Artem Reznikov that could lead to a cage clash between the fighters.

The reason for the clarification of relations was Reznikov’s interview, in which the ACA fighter spoke out about the circumstances of the departure of his friend Alexander Sarnavskiy from the “Storm” team.

“The following saying applies to Artem – don’t let the goat into the vegetable garden,” Shlemenko commented on Reznikov’s words in an interview with Alexander Lyutikov. “In this whole story, Artem looks and is a blabbermouth. First of all, how is he so knowledgeable? He is responsible for Sarnavskiy, he is responsible for Kunchenko, as if he was present and talked to. He knows when what happened, where it happened, how it happened. He listened to one point of view – what if they told him wrong? Does he then get loaded with them for that too? That’s a particular blabbermouth.”

The answer of the Kazakhstani fighter, who not so long ago signed a new agreement with the league ACA, sounded in an interview with the “Herald of MMA”.

“At one time I was hurt by his words when he said about my religion. I said, ‘I’m an Orthodox Christian,’ and he said, ‘Do you believe in a Jew or something?’ It was ’19, I was in Shlemenko’s gym, and I kept silent then – now I would have answered him harshly”

“He calls me a blabbermouth, but if he says now that he didn’t say those words, it turns out he’s a blabbermouth himself. In street terms that he uses, Alexander Shlemenko is a blabbermouth because he wrote a statement on a man. He uses the words ‘blabbermouth’, ‘rat’, but you can’t say such things to a tolerant person at all. Alexander Shlemenko calls me a blabbermouth, and I call him a terpila. Alexander Shlemenko has stooge behavior because he calls people names. Only stooges can just call people names like that.”

“Aslanbek Badaev, Mairbek Sulumbekovich – if there is an opportunity, I am ready to fight Alexander Shlemenko at middleweight. Sign him for one fight! Now at the moment there will not be a louder Shlemenko-Reznikov fight in Russian MMA, because there is a backstory, and I’m moving up two weight classes. Especially, I’ve sparred with him, and I know how to work with him – I’m confident in my abilities”