Anthony Yarde: “I can beat Beterbiev, I have more than just a puncher chance”


British light heavyweight contender Anthony Yarde (23-2, 22 KOs) disagreed with his trainer Tunde Adjayi, who believes that there is “nothing to worry about” in world champion Artur Beterbiev (18-0, 18 KOs) his subordinate.

Recall that the fight Beterbiev Yard for the titles of WBC, IBF and WBO will take place today closer to midnight in London.

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“I disagree with that, absolutely,” Anthony said. I think he just said that to get attention. And in fact there is no one else in the world with such a record who would do what he (Beterbiev) does. So there is a lot to worry about.”

“I saw him in action, and how well he does basic things,” said the Briton. “He hits hard, no question, but he does small things well, and he does it all the time, with solid stamina. At the same time, he concedes and I’m not the opponent you can concede against. And it’s disturbing.”

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“One thing I know about myself: Anthony Yarde is not afraid of anyone or anything. Not a single person in this world is able to scare me because of the situations in which I have been and grew up. I was attacked with weapons, there were people around me with knives who tried to cut me and rob me, – the applicant explains the nature of his fearlessness. “I believe very strongly in God and I know that if you want something, you will get it. In my understanding, it is better to do and know the result than not to do and torment yourself with guesses.

“I can beat Beterbiev,” said Yard. – Everyone says that I only have a puncher’s chance, but in fact, not only him. I can box. I’m not just talking about “boom!” with one hit. I don’t even try to do it. And Beterbiev, by the way, too.”

“Bookie quotes? I don’t pay any attention to them at all,” Anthony assured him. “Things like that are just distracting. They are not important. The only important thing for me is that we both enter the ring, the gong will sound – and we will get down to business.

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