Anthony Joshua is ready to knock out Francis Ngannou in three rounds

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua is ready to do what his compatriot Tyson Fury failed to do when he nearly lost in the ring to former UFC titleholder Francis Ngannou.

The Brit’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, told Boxing Social in an interview.

“Ngannou has earned the right to a big fight – let AJ go out there and knock him out in three rounds,” Hearn said. “That’s not a problem at all. Forget about the Fury-Usik fight, it’s a dead fight. Nobody is interested in him at all. I couldn’t believe what I saw with my own eyes – Fury didn’t even try, and Ngannou was so tired that the only thing left to do was to pressure him”

According to Hearn, his charge is ready to fight not only “The Predator”, but also “The Gypsy King”.

“He’s ready to go out there and end Fury’s career. Cancel everything and organize this fight right now. AJ will stop him and end his career, I promise you. If Fury and Usik do fight for the absolute championship belt, even though Tyson just lost to a guy who’s never boxed, then let A.J. fight Ngannou. See what happens when someone takes on Francis Ngannou in the right way.”

Francis Ngannou made his professional boxing debut this past weekend, not only standing up to the reigning WBC world champion for all ten rounds, but also knocking him down, eventually losing to the British boxer in a split decision that many considered controversial.