Anthony Joshua evaluates his chances against the UFC elite


Former world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) has never expressed a desire to try his hand at mixed martial arts.

However, during the interview
GQ Joshua was asked, among other things, how, in his opinion, he could perform against the elite heavyweight division of the UFC. The Briton was extremely honest.

“I’d just get my ass kicked there,” he says. “With all due respect to these guys, but this is not my profession, and they have been honing their stand, grappling, wrestling, takedowns and techniques for years. The same, if they came to boxing, I know for sure that in the same way I gave a light to each of them.

Recall that this year, Joshua limited himself to one performance, losing a rematch to Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk in August. Anthony’s return to the ring is expected in the spring – details here.