Andy Ruiz dropped, beat Luis Ortiz: video

andy-ruiz-dropped-beat-luis-ortiz-video-jpg Arena, Los Angeles, USA. In the main event of the show in the heavyweight (over 90.7 kg) WBC eliminator, US-Mexican former unified world champion Andy Ruiz Jr. KO).

Ortiz gave Ruiz the center of the ring, tried to counter and intercept. It turned out 10 seconds before the gong – it was the best episode of the starting three minutes. The rest of the time, the positional struggle was predominantly sharpened.

Ortiz with a big shot on Ruiz!#RuizOrtiz

— FOX Sports: PBC (@PBConFOX) September 5, 2022

In the 2nd round, Ortiz seemed to find the distance, jabbed great. But Ruiz waited for his moment – he hard countered the jab with a right hook. The Cuban fell, with difficulty got to his feet, seconds later he was again on the floor. All the same, he reached the gong and even tried to snap.

Andy Ruiz answers back with a BIG knock down!#RuizOrtiz

— FOX Sports: PBC (@PBConFOX) September 5, 2022

Ortiz in the corner was told to constantly move and shift, not to stagnate. The Cuban was behind in the long run, so he was forced to work a little more actively. Ruiz was on hand – he countered, using superiority in manual speed. After the first half of the fight, it was approximately 3:3 in rounds, but two knockdowns were in favor of the favorite.

Ruiz and Ortiz are still trading shots through 5 rounds #RuizOrtiz

— FOX Sports: PBC (@PBConFOX) September 5, 2022

As soon as it seemed that Ortiz again felt and controlled the distance, Ruiz broke into the infighting and sent the Cuban with a short right side to the third knockdown.

Andy Ruiz gets his third knock down of the fight late in the 7th round!#RuizOrtiz

— FOX Sports: PBC (@PBConFOX) September 5, 2022

The veteran continued to jab. It all looked good, if you do not take into account the fact that he is behind in the long run. Ortiz was reminded of this in the corner ahead of the championship rounds. Will it go all-in?

In the 11th three-minute period, Ruiz shook Ortiz with a right hook. The veteran’s left eye was practically closed. The Cuban tried to knock out the favorite in the decisive three-minute period, scored a couple of solid hits, but failed to drop the opponent.

The score of the judges: 113-112, 114-111 and 114-111 in favor of the favorite. Everything is fair.

Ruiz UD 12.