Andre Fili couldn’t hear after UFC Vegas 60 due to amount of Bill Algeo’s blood in his ear: ‘It felt like I dove into a pool’


Andre Fili had a unique post-fight experience after UFC Vegas 60.

The 32-year-old featherweight took a hard-fought split decision over Bill Algeo on Saturday, edging out the win after 15 minutes of bloody and back-and-forth action. But it wasn’t until the bout ended that Fili fully grasped the extent of the damage he inflicted on his foe.

” I was surprised at the amount of blood he got into my ears. That was f****** surprising,” Fili said in his post-fight press conference. “I had like a legitimate minute-and-a-half after the fight where I couldn’t hear anything. It was like diving into a pool. It was like there was so much blood in my ear. I could not hear my left ear. It took me about a minute and a half to remove it. Then, the big blood clot came out. It was not my blood. That’s why you should stay in school, kids.”

Algeo was also injured in the fight, but the extent of the injury is unknown.

Fili’s hearing loss after the fight was over wasn’t what surprised him. Fili was also stunned to learn that judge Chris Lee scored the bout 29-28 in Algeo’s favor, having given Algeo the third round despite Fili spending the majority of the round on the cusp of ending the fight with a tight rear-naked choke.

“I don’t think it was a split decision, I think I clearly won that fight. It was competitive, but I don’t f****** know what these judges are looking at, man,” Fili said. “I thank God they didn’t rob me, but dude, they’ve got to stop trying to scare me.

” What is more dangerous to a fight? His hand in my throat, ready to strangle him or his punching on top of mine from two inches away. And if a judge legitimately looks at that and says that he was closer the fight than me in that third round, f*** that guy. Like, I don’t know what else to say. I wish I had a more eloquent thing to say, but if you think that punches from [close range] is a more legitimate fight-ending threat than a rear-naked choke from the back, you shouldn’t be judging fighting.

“Thank God they got it right,” Fili continued, “but I think that we’ve really got to have some accountability with these judges, man, and have some better calls.”

Fortunately for Fili, there was no controversy.

Fili won the crucial win and ended a 3-fight slump.

Fili also found it a way to release his emotions. He revealed that Fili and his partner had suffered an unplanned miscarriage in the weeks leading up to UFC Vegas 60..

“It all just came kind of pouring out, and it’s been a really tough couple weeks, man,” Fili said. “It has. You guys have seen me at my highs and seen me at my lows. It’s not my intention to preach or claim that I have all the answers. It’s just that I know I am thankful for fighting. I also thank my coaches, my teammates, my friends, my family and all of my supporters. I want them to be proud. If I win fights, can make my family proud, and can keep doing what I love every day then everything will be fine.

” I just want to continue pushing .”