“And which one is the man?” Fury issues diagnoses to Joshua and Wilder


British WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) could not agree on a fight with compatriot Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) on December 3 and was finally convinced that Joshua the fear of failure prevails over the opportunity to earn huge money, and also that he does not accept being in the show on the sidelines.

As evidence, Tyson cited Anthony’s refusal to fight Deontay Wilder despite being offered a $50 million guaranteed bounty.

“We all know very well that Joshua would not fight Wilder for $50 million. My lawyer saw the money, $50 million from (Wilder’s adviser) Al Haymon. It was, yes. And he turned around again. He never fights someone who is going to beat him, ”says Fury.

“And one more fact about these freaks. They will not perform in someone’s show because of their exorbitant ego, Tyson says. “We didn’t have the Joshua-Fury show because Fury had three defeats. We had the Fury-Joshua show and that was my show. It’s too much for their egos. They didn’t even go to the States for $50 million because it would have been a Wilder vs. Joshua show, not the other way around.”

  • Joshua offered two top picks to replace Fury

In this regard, Wilder compares favorably with Joshua, Fury stressed.

“Even despite our mutual antipathy and the fact that he accused me of a million stupid things, Deontay proved one thing, and I can safely say that this dude has balls. He took me to the fucking court to get a third fight. He didn’t run away,” said the Briton.

“And this big dick Joshua who had a contract on the table and I was hungry for a fight but he didn’t want to put his signature. Whereas Wilder went to court, started arbitration, filed lawsuits to force me to fight. Now tell me which one of them is a man, ”Tyson suggested.

How do you like the new game from Fury: he challenged the infernal champion of the center of England.

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