Anatoly Beloglazov: “Mikhail Lopez would have torn all of our wrestlers. This is a car”

Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Anatoly Beloglazov, in an interview with SE, shared his opinion about the four-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Mihain Lopez.

– If you want to see a real heavyweight, then take this Cuban, Lopez, four-time Olympic champion. Yes, he will tear all our wrestlers! He will simply tear them apart! I saw him standing like this, in place, and doing a backflip from a rack and landing almost in the same place! Can you imagine the coordination? The machine is simple, look at his hands. Only someone like our Makhov can beat him. Which climbs for legs. No one will win the rest of him, he will carry them like logs, and will roll left and right. You don’t have to go into capture with him, he will tear anyone there.

– That is, Mihain Lopez would have won against the best wrestlers?

He would have won them all, 100 percent. Very powerful, technical, experienced. He would have them all chained to capture. I would immediately fetter, would not let any of them fight from a distance. He understands that from a distance they will pass him at the feet. He would come in and immediately take them into capture. In the capture of the classics, freestylers will be much better.

On August 2, Lopez became the Olympic winner at the Tokyo Games, without giving up a single point to his opponents during the tournament. The Cuban is the first four-time Olympic champion in the history of wrestling.