Analysis of the fight Gervonta Davis – Ryan Garcia from Teddy Atlas


Well-known trainer and boxing analyst Teddy Atlas dismantled a possible megafight in lightweight (up to 61.2 kg) between the popular and undefeated Americans Gervonta “Tank” Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs), which is tentatively scheduled for April 15th.

Recall, on January 8, Davis defeated another Garcia, Hector Luis, by stopping him in eight full rounds – vRING reportage.

“I’ll tell you about the difference in[Davis’]fights against Ryan and Hector Luis Garcia. First of all, Ryan is bigger and stronger. And unlike the other Garcia, he is a big puncher,” Atlas said. Ryan can hit, especially with a left counterhook, and he gets bigger. It continues to grow. So in his face, Tank will meet the big guy. I don’t know if he can match the power of the Tank, but he may be superior to the Tank in speed, height and size. He’s bigger, he’s taller and he’s fast.”

“He (Ryan) has fast hands, but Tank is not slow either. And he (Davis) has dealt with all this before. He handled the tall guys,” Teddy reminds him. “It’s business as usual for him, so he knows how to get close, he sets traps and makes you shrink yourself to get to him.”

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“Garcia will have to keep a long distance, as the other Garcia tried to do (in the last fight). But Ryan has a better jab and longer arms, faster hands, he has a betteraboutmore power. He has something that Tank should worry about, something to pay tribute to. As he (Davis) gets closer, he’ll have to worry about the power behind Ryan’s left hook,” says Atlas.

“At the same time, Ryan himself will not have the right to make a mistake. He must be consistent and maintain concentration throughout the fight, the specialist states. “He needs laser focus on Davis because one mistake with the Tank and the fight is over. You may survive, but mine may run out.”

What should Tank do? The same as always. Get closer, sometimes feint. He is a smart fighter,” Atlas noted. “He must use every technique in his arsenal. Not only power. The jab will be the key. With Ryan, he must be sharp, fast and powerful, as always. He will control the distance with them. Dictate the conditions and geography of the battle. The tank doesn’t jab as often, but he’s accurate and heavy, and he can be aggressive too. This is what he will probably try to do. I’m not saying that Garcia will be defensive, but in his performance it will be more like marking his territory. To draw a line in the sand. Like, “you won’t cross that line.”

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