Aljamain Sterling reveals the real reason for T.J. Dillashaw’s resignation

Aljamain Sterling reveals the real reason for T.J. Dillashaw's resignation

Reigning UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling believes his recent rival, T.J. Dillashaw, ended his career unexpectedly so that, like Conor McGregor, he could be removed from the US Anti-Doping Agency testing pool while recovering from shoulder surgery.

“I can say one thing – if Conor McGregor really found a loophole that helps people, I only support it,” the American said in another video posted on his Youtube channel. “If you have a catastrophic injury and you have the opportunity to recover and bounce back, I don’t see any problems in this”

“I don’t know if TJ has really retired completely, and if not, I support him in this endeavor. I think he just wants to get out of the USADA testing pool, do whatever it takes, and then come back 100% healthy. I want the guy to be able to play with his kids without being limited by injury.”

On the eve it became known that a week and a half ago, 36-year-old T.J. Dillashaw, who recently underwent surgery on his shoulder, notified the UFC about the end of his professional career. The last fight of the ex-UFC champion was held on October 22 at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi, losing in the title confrontation by technical knockout in the second round to Sterling.

As for Conor McGregor, he, as you know, left the USADA testing pool for the period of recovery after a broken leg, and for this he did not even have to announce his resignation.