Aljamain Sterling issued a statement after the defeat

Former UFC flyweight champion Aljamain Sterling, who lost by technical knockout to Sean O’Malley at UFC 292 in Boston, summarized the results of the fight, talked about his well-being, and shared his future plans.

“I’m not going to lie – it sucked,” Sterling said at the post-tournament press conference. “Sean did a great job. I knew he was good on the counterattack and it was a great shot. I made a mistake and he took advantage of it.”

Sterling is convinced that the referee was hasty in stopping the fight in the second round, misjudging his condition at the time of the takedown.

“Honestly, I think the ref stopped the fight early. I was moving around, trying to get up, and I was perfectly fine when I got up after the stoppage. Should I be mad at the ref? It was hard for him to gauge what condition I was in, how shaken up I was, especially since he hadn’t seen me in that position before. It happened what happened, and losing, it always sucks, especially in a fight against Sean.”

According to the former UFC champion, he expects an immediate rematch with O’Malley, and remains confident that he can beat his compatriot.

“I would love to get a rematch. I would love the opportunity to get even this defeat. I think I would have been able to prepare a little better this time around and I’m still convinced that this is a very comfortable fight for me to win. An immediate rematch with Sean is in my priority one hundred percent, and I think I’ve earned that right”