Aljamain Sterling injured, Sean O’Malley fight in doubt

Aljamain Sterling Injured, Sean O'Malley Fight Under Concern

Despite the fight being officially announced, reigning UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling isn’t sure he’ll be able to defend his title against Sean O’Malley in August.

“I’m still injured – my legs are swollen, my biceps are bothering me and I’m going to take some more shots,” Sterling said in a video posted on his YouTube channel. “I’m trying to get into this fight in August and right now we’re trying to see if I can make it because my legs are still very sensitive to touch. I hope I didn’t spoil anything by saying that.”

“Guys, I just got into a fight and the swelling on my legs just started to go down. I still can’t fully bend one leg. Now I do physical therapy and apply ice – it helps a little, but I’m not sure if I can recover. My feet are in such a state right now that I can leave a dent just by touching them.”

A few days earlier, UFC president Dana White had announced that the fight between Sterling and O’Malley would be the main event of UFC 292, which will take place on August 19 in Boston.