Aljamain Sterling explains about another injury

Aljamain Sterling explains about another injury

Reigning UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, who pulled out of the fight with Henry Cejudo due to a biceps injury, is not going to undergo surgery, but plans to take a break to recover one hundred percent by the next title defense.

“I fought twice and spent two training camps with a partially torn biceps tendon to keep the division moving for the fans and the UFC,” wrote the American, responding to fan complaints on the social network. “Now it’s time to solve this problem, and I talked about it before and after my last fight. Or are athletes already forbidden from taking care of their bodies?”

“I initially made a reservation – the tendon is not completely torn, as in 2016. This is a partially torn biceps tendon that has been bothering me for a year now. No, I’m not going to have surgery, but I don’t want to try my luck at another intense five-round camp. I have to be able to fight in order to fully prepare for this fight.”

Sterling previously announced that he would not be able to fight against Cejudo, which, according to rumors, was supposed to take place on March 4 at UFC 285 in Las Vegas.