Alistair Overeem called the reason for the dramatic weight loss

Alistair Overeem called the reason for the dramatic weight loss

Former DREAM, Strikeforce and K-1 champion Alistair Overeem, who shocked the fighting community two weeks ago with his new size, explained why his fans were worried about the sudden weight loss.

According to the 43-year-old Dutchman, he went on a special vegetarian diet after he made the decision not to return to fighting.

“I just decided to stop fighting,” Overeem told Lovin Dubai. “It’s not mine anymore. I gave it 25 years and now I’m going to do other cool things.”

The Dutchman explained that he decided to give up meat after he met “special nutritionist” Julian Van Hoven.

“He said, ‘We will detox,’ and I, as a soldier, will definitely do it. When I met him, I immediately knew that this guy had knowledge, so we started working and I started taking high doses of special supplements on an empty stomach. Within a couple of weeks, my appetite had changed.”

“I asked Julian why this is happening – I don’t want to eat steak anymore. And he replied that I had parasites in my body, and supplements are starting to cleanse me of toxins. By the way, these additives are just seaweed. Everyone can take them – they create an alkaline environment that parasites do not like. Once they die, your tastes change. It was not me who wanted to eat meat – it was the parasites that influenced me and made me think that I wanted to eat meat. Once you get rid of them, you become indifferent to meat”

Last October, Alistair Overeem, who parted ways with the UFC after a ten-year run, returned to kickboxing and defeated Badr Hari in the final match of the trilogy, winning the fight by unanimous decision at the Glory tournament in the Netherlands. However, Overeem forfeited the win and was suspended for one year after failing a drug test.

The Dutchman held his last fight in the UFC in February 2021, losing by technical knockout in the second round to Alexander Volkov.