Alexander Volkanovski delights Perth crowd at UFC 284 Faceoffs: “Tomorrow, I’m coming to f ****** all.”


Alexander Volkanovski is ready to make history in front of a boisterous Australian audience.

The UFC’s featherweight champion will be challenging Islam Makhachev, the lightweight champion in Saturday’s main event at UFC 284. Volkanovski made a powerful statement for his countrymen after Friday’s final fight with Makhachev during the ceremonial weigh ins.

“Tomorrow we put it all on the line, but tomorrow I’m coming for f****** everything,” Volkanovski said. “Let’s go!”

Greeted by boos, Makhachev didn’t play up his role as the de facto villain in this matchup, but warned the Perth faithful that they might not be leaving RAC Arena happy come fight night.

“Perth, I’ve spent here, 20 days, but tomorrow you will be upset,” Makhachev said. “Thank you.”

The co-headliners, Yair Rod and Josh Emmett (who battle for the interim featherweight title) were a bit chattier than usual when they had to address the crowd. But, they were focused on spreading positivity and generating excitement for the UFC’s first championship chance for the men.

” You guys know me. I’m not here for ***,, but I promise to give a great show tomorrow night.” Emmett stated. “It’s going to be the most exciting fight you guys have ever seen, and I’m coming away with the win. Because I am sure absorbing your energy .”

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” I’m enjoying it. Rodriguez stated, “Look at the crowd. It’s gorgeous.” “Perth is beautiful, these people are beautiful. I have a couple of friends here that I haven’t seen in a long time. Kyle Noke, my dear friend, is there. I’m really happy to have my family here, my team is with me, and I can’t ask for a better situation.”

UFC 284 airs Saturday evening in North America, with early prelims starting at 6 p.m. {ET on ESPN+, followed by another set of prelims at 8 p.m.|ET on ESPN +,, followed by another set at 8. {ET on ESPN and ESPN+. {The main card airs at 10 p.m., exclusively on ESPN+ pay-per-view.|The main card will air at 10 pm, exclusive to ESPN+.