Alexander Usik defeated Tyson Fury with a broken jaw

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usik, who won the world heavyweight boxing title against Tyson Fury, may have won the biggest victory of his career with a broken jaw.

Usik’s injury was reported at the post-fight press conference by his opponent, who was defeated by split decision with scores of 114-113, 113-114 and 112-115.

“The fight has just finished, and as you can see from my face, he got beaten up pretty badly, and Usik went to the hospital with a broken jaw, and his face is not much different from mine,” said “The Gypsy King”. “We beat each other up for 12 rounds. I believe I won the fight. He won a few rounds, but I won most of them. We’ll go back to our families and we’ll do it again in October. I believe I won the fight, but I’m not going to cry about it and make excuses.”

At the same time, Usik’s manager, Oleksandr Krasiuk, stated that his ward has a relapse of an old injury, and the fracture is not confirmed until there are MRI results.

“It’s an old injury and I can’t confirm the fracture until we get the MRI results,” Krasiuk said at the post-fight press conference.

Note that Alexander Usik became the first absolute world boxing champion in 24 years, as well as the first heavyweight in history to unify the titles of WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, The Ring and lineal champion belt.