Alexander Shlemenko spoke about the construction of a mosque in Moscow

Alexander Shlemenko spoke about the construction of a mosque in Moscow

The popular Russian fighter Alexander Shlemenko does not rule out that the resonant conflict around the construction of a mosque in Moscow, including the one that affected the MMA community, was artificially created in order to destabilize Russian society.

“Now is at least not the time to arrange sectarian strife,” Storm said in an interview. Alexander Lyutikov. “It is undesirable for us even in peacetime to sort things out, and now even more so. And in general, I think that it is necessary to determine where it all came from. Who is the original source? Is there any plan for this construction at all? The topic looks like someone wants to deliberately stir up a feud. A place was chosen, as if on purpose – the Holy Orthodox Lake, a mosque for sixty thousand people. And in general, we have mechanisms in our legislation to resolve such issues.”

Today, the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, put an end to this issue, announcing that the new mosque will not be built on the Holy Lake, but in the South-Eastern District, not far from the Kosino metro station.

He also denied the information that the mosque will have an unprecedented size and become the largest religious building in Russia.

“We are talking about a very modest object of 2.5 thousand square meters. m,” wrote the Moscow mayor in Telegram.