Alexander Emelianenko spoke about the conflict with Shlemenko

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko, in a conversation with reporters, spoke about the conflict with compatriot Alexander Shlemenko.

“Alexander did not cause any reaction. More you, journalists, condense around this event, give accents. You suck it out of your finger. As our president, you pick it out of your nose and take it out, and then it will sound like all information sources. And Shlemenko needs to get the public a little excited, stirred up, interested in our fight. I also didn’t say anything bad about Shlemenko, I didn’t speak negatively in any way. And if he did, he didn’t invent anything and called a spade a spade, those that happened and those that will happen, ”Emelianenko said after training for the United Russian Fighters team.

Also, 40-year-old Emelianenko spoke about a possible fight with 37-year-old Shlemenko.

“If this fight is organized, then why not fight Shlemenko. It doesn’t matter to me who to beat in the face, ”added Emelianenko.

On November 27, in Syktyvkar, Alexander Emelianenko lost to the Brazilian Marcio Santos by choke in the first round of the AMC 106 fight.