Alexander Emelianenko listed potential rivals

Alexander Emelianenko listed potential rivals

The popular Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko, who disappeared from the information field for several months, broke his silence, announcing that he was ready to take revenge on his former rival Vyacheslav Datsik, whom he lost by knockout in a boxing match in September last year.

“I am ready for revenge with Datsik,” Emelianenko said in an interview with REN TV. “Let the organizations cling to this, organize a fight for us, and give us revenge”

Moreover, Emelianenko already has a plan for this fight, which should ensure his success.

“I would change protection. I would not press them to my face, but would keep them at a distance, and I would meet all his blows from under the f*** at a distance. That is, he would beat his forearms against my elbows “

If the rematch with Datsik does not take place, Emelianenko is ready to fight with other former rivals.

“The first in line is Koklyaev. He volunteered to take revenge. Rematches are much more interesting than just fights. Moreover, he specially prepares for me, he studies me, he has already fought with me, he knows my strengths, knows my weaknesses. Bob Sapp wants to fight me too, a very big American fighter. Monson wants to fight me too. I don’t care who I hit.”

The last fight 41-year-old Alexander Emelianenko held in December last year, losing a split decision to blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko in an unprofessional duel according to MMA rules.