Alexander Emelianenko: “In prison, I would go to the toilet on Huseynov”

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko answered the question that Arthur Huseynov wanted to ask him (earlier in an interview with the Youtube channel “Let me kill you”) – who he was in prison for.

“Who was I sitting with? I was a decent prisoner. I have already spoken somewhere about how I was sitting, where I was sitting and with whom I was sitting. My relatives watched the game, the camp, the general camp, the thieves’ one. All my relatives – yes, family members. We ate from the same plate. About Huseynov, I can say that he lost a long time ago and worked out. In prison, I would go to the toilet on it, ”Emelianenko told reporters after an open training session of United Russian Fighters.

In 2009-2010, Huseynov played for the Emelianenko team – Russian Top Team. Last week, Emelianenko said that Huseynov should end his career, noting that he “has a lifeline hanging on his belly.” Huseynov criticized Emelianenko, calling his defeat by Marcio Santos a shame. After that, both gave interviews in which they spoke about each other in an offensive way. Both Emelianenko and Huseynov claim that now they would like to fight.