Alexander Emelianenko: “I think we will have a rematch with Mario Santos”

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko, in a conversation with reporters, shared his opinion about his fight with the Brazilian Marcio Santos.

“I had to control him from above, move closer to the chest, to the head, turn off his neck, take his time. He had one single chance during the fight, and he took advantage of it. And so I felt good physically, functionally, technically. I think that we will have a revenge, and I will beat him and rehabilitate myself, ”said Emelianenko after training with the United Russian Fighters team.

Alexander Emelianenko also told how he analyzed his mistakes after the fight with Santos.

“I don’t have such that I go out to fight, and then I don’t understand what I’m doing there, that everything is erased from memory. I remember the whole fight very well. I reviewed the fight with Santos only once, and I don’t have such that I sit for days and watch my fights and fights of my rivals, ”added Emelianenko.

On November 27, Alexander Emelianenko lost to the Brazilian Marcio Santos by choke in the first round of the AMC 106 fight. The battle took place in Syktyvkar.