Alexander Emelianenko: “I have a very good attitude towards the people of Dagestan. Huseynov wanted to push our foreheads against us.”

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko told reporters that he treats the Dagestan people well. Earlier, he called the fighter Artur Huseynov a “Dagestan pig.” Huseynov, in turn, said that Emelianenko thereby insulted the entire people of Dagestan.

“I have more respect for Kharitonov than for Huseynov,” Emelianenko said. – I was more pleased that he drove on his ass on his own – at first he said one thing, beat his chest, then another. I have a very good relationship with the Dagestan people, I have a lot of friends from this region. He simply took and pushed his personal foreheads against the entire republic. I didn’t say anything bad or evil about the people. It just got a little carried away. I spoke in relation to Huseynov – that he is a pawed goose, and not all the people of Dagestan.